Curtain Eyelet Fitting Service

Curtain Eyelet Fitting Service

Quite simply... We Supply and fit Metal Curtain Eyelets to your Curtains and Blinds.

This is a process which is carried out using a purpose made hydraulic eyelet press.

Metal eyelets are significantly stronger and more robust than the 'click together' plastic eyelets. This means that there is no danger of the eyelet coming apart once fitted.

The eyelets we supply are readily available in 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 66mm sizes. Please click the eyelets link on the left hand side for a colour guide. 

Should you require a complete curtain making and eyelet fitting service we can provide this too.

As a rough guide, spacing of eyelets is always governed by the pole bracket projection. You would expect to require 8 eyelets per 54" width of fabric.

We offer a marking out service at a cost of £ 3.50 per curtain width if the customer is not able to mark out the centre point position of the eyelets.

Once we receive an order we aim to fit eyelets and return to the customer via our courier service within the week. 


Eyelet Colour           25mm 40mm 50mm 66mm
Nickel £1.95 £2.95 £4.95 £5.55
Satin Nickel £1.95   £2.95       £4.95      £5.55
Brass                      £1.95       £2.95       £4.95       £5.55
Gunmetal                 £1.95       £2.95        £4.95       £5.55
Antique Gold            £1.95        £2.95         £4.95        £5.55
Antique Copper         £1.95       £2.95       £4.95       £5.55
Antique Nickel          £1.95        £2.95        £4.95        £5.55
Silver Milk                £1.95       £2.95        £4.95          £5.55
Black                      £2.00        £2.95        £4.95         £5.55


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